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Wednesday, November 13th

So, I’ve got to give a big thanks to Google and their auto-backups.  I went for a jog down to the Golden Gate bridge and I had brought my phone with me.  One thing led to another, and I ended up resetting my sim card and wiping out everything…including all the photos I had taken on my trip.  An opportunity to practice acceptance and one’s inability to turn back the clock.

When I got back to Kev’s where I was staying, I checked online and Google had backed up everything.  So now I am able to provide you with these:

IMAG0661.jpg IMAG0659.jpg  IMAG0667.jpg

I spent a bit of time driving around SF – drove to fisherman’s wharf and around market street a bit.

IMAG0001.jpg IMAG0004.jpg

It was getting later in the evening and I decided to drag myself off the couch and get to an open-mic.  I found this place Melt.  Tossed my name on the list and Kev ended showing up with AJ  who I hadn’t seen in years.  The three of us used to hang out when we were growing up.  Kev’s girlfriend, Cecilia, showed up along with her roommate and their friend Olivia.  It was awesome to play for all of them and everybody else in the cafe.  Playing music in different cities excites me.

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