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Tuesday, November 12th

I woke up this morning in Monteray…what a gem of a town this place is.  I crashed for the night in a motel, woke up and went down and jogged around the Fisherman’s Wharf down here.


IMAG0623.jpg IMAG0622.jpg IMAG0620.jpg

I was heading up to San Francisco to go make it up to my buddy Kevin’s place and stay for a bit, but opted to turn around and go to Pacific Grove after within a 30 minute time span both my Mom and friend Phil suggested it as a good place to stop.  My grandparents spent some time in PG, so I thought it best to see it for myself.

Pacific Grove

IMAG0627.jpg IMAG0626.jpg IMAG0625.jpg IMAG0624.jpg

En route to San Francisco and upon arrival

IMAG0650.jpg IMAG0642.jpg IMAG0641.jpg IMAG0640.jpg IMAG0639.jpg IMAG0638.jpg IMAG0637.jpg


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