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Saturday, November 2nd

After my coffee and workout, I made my way on over to Venice Beach on Saturday morning. By about 12:30 when I got there, the boardwalk was

People hanging on the Venice Boardwalk

People hanging on the Venice Boardwalk

quite filled up with people.  The vendors and entertainers just got on and on – it’s excellent.  It’s a whole scene down there – people working out, long boarding, skating, selling things, buying things, eating and all of this surrounded by sun, surfers and ocean.

After I did setup my busking rig at a particular spot, I was told that I’d get a ticket in that location – I think I was playing on the wrong side of the street.  As it turns out, the vendors/entertainers have to get there pretty early to claim valuable real estate to sell their wares and sing their songs.  I may try and make it back there this Sat. morning.

IMAG0440I made my way to the Promenade figuring I’d be able to at least get a spot to play a bit which I was able to do.  To top off the night, went out for a nice dinner with my family and saw Last Vegas at a theatre in Culver City  – near the soundstage/studio where The Wizard of Oz was filmed.  We swung by the Culver City Hotel on the way back to the car and this place was built for the munchkins (from the movie) to stay in.  The stairs are even a bit smaller than normal ones to accommodate.

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