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In Alberta

I like Snoozy
‘Cause it makes my lips so red
Burns like a slut
But then I go to bed
Don’t have boots
But I have a hat and
I’m not from Calgary
But I know where it’s at
It’s in Alberta…

Snoozy Snoozy Snooozy and
A cheezy Cheeze
Snoozy Snoozy Snoozy and

Never been to a brothel
But I know where they are
It’s in  in Australia
Which is South of where we are and
I know their toilets flush
Different than ours but
They’re still good people
Even though they don’t roll their ‘R’s

Like the Latinas who have big asses
Oh they don’t like it
But they have it
And the shake it
And they know that I wear it
On a Snoozy

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