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Ballad of the Poet

A poet said hey
Joker let’s escape
Grab your things and
We’ll meet at the lake
Poet was a prophet
The joker liked to listen
‘Fore a moment passed
They began their mission

Poet stepped away
Said follow me
Wandered the woods
Stumbled upon a tree
The air was thin
Except one car
They held up their thumbs
But their feet were too far

The sun stood still
In the sky above
Thoughts changed faster
Than the colors could
Clouds formed words
Like a storybook
They looked up at each other
‘Cause they knew the other would

The two walked towards
The country store
Joker said I dreamed all of this
One night before
The poet wasn’t shocked
He’d read Descartes
For all we know
We could be dreaming where we are


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