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Monday, November 11th

Travel day.  I left Adam and Christina’s in Silverlake, headed West to hop on the Pacific Coast Highway over by Santa Monica.

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 On the way up the coast, I actually wound up making myself throw up.  It’s one thing to make your passenger throw up, and another to make yourself throw up as the driver.  It’s as if I paid no mind to the biofeedback.  I must say though, after pulling over and letting it rip, there was a stillness…the ocean, the open road…the calm after the storm.

I stopped along the way at some places in Big Sur, considering staying there but they were a bit more than what I was looking for.  Having said that, I was tempted to grab a place for myself where I could write some music and smell/hear the ocean.  I ended up carrying on, turning around & reconsidering, then carrying on back North again.  I settled for the night in Monteray.  After getting a relatively cheap room, I headed down to the Fisherman’s Wharf to be by the water.  I was down there listening to the boats rock back and forth, to the seals or sea lions (dunno which but some sort of marine animal) and it was so peaceful.  I drove back to the motel, grabbed my guitar and came back.  I had to seize the moment and be creative in the midst of that vibe.



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