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Friday, November 1st, 2013

I have been staying with Aunt & Uncle since last Wednesday, and my  grandma Sandra has been staying here as well.  She has been set on checking out the Disney Concert Hall here in LA and asked if I’d be interested in checking it out with her.  As we were looking into it, we realized Itzhak Perlman was conducting an 11am show.  She took me to the concert, I had very few expectations if any, and I was very happy I went.  The last classical concert I saw was the Vancouver symphony a few years back, and that kind of music just hits the spot.  The sum is much greater than the parts…true of all music but when you have 70+ musicians playing at once…

After the show, we made our way on over to Baco Mercat  – my impression is that this place is an LA institution.  Midday, I found myself inside of a Groupon.



After watching a killer sunset on the roof, I swung by an open mic at UnUrban Cafe and then made my way to the Sunset Strip and saw a concert at the renown Viper Room.

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