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Barry’s music is a unique blend of folk, blues and jazz. Based on real-life experiences of passion and pain, his melodies and poetry evoke a deep sense of familiarity in his audience.

He is currently living in Vancouver, BC and recently released his debut album, “Glimpse of Insanity” (2012).  He performs at various open Mics across the Lower Mainland and is about to head back into the studio to work on a full band album.998188_681660815194517_1073504771_n

He has always enjoyed making noise.  He started taking piano lessons at age 9 and his ability to entertain a crowd was even evident in those early piano recitals around age 9. At age 13, after a year-long stint with the drums, he settled on the guitar.

He began learning chords and songs from the internet the day his mother bought him his $100 Hohner steel-string. After a few weeks, he was taking his guitar to school so he could sit in the halls during lunchtime, come up with new lyrics to the tune of Adam Sandler’s “Hannukah Song,” and sing them to the cute girls walking by.

By age fifteen, Barry was writing and performing his own songs (music/lyrics) at school talent shows. While attending high school in Seattle, Washington, Barry took blues guitar lessons from John Hanberry at which point he became very interested in musical theory and began his development as a well-rounded, technical guitarist. During this time, he also had some vocal training from a private instructor.

Barry moved to Vancouver in 2004, at the age of 18, and enrolled in the University of British Columbia to study Cognitive Systems – an interdisciplinary program spanning Psychology, Philosophy, Linguistics and Computer Science. For the past five years, while completing his B.A., Barry has continued to grow tremendously as both a musician and performer. He has been regularly playing open-mic nights and gigs at various venues throughout Vancouver.

These performances have provided an outlet for Barry’s natural ability and enthusiasm to connect with and entertain people. He appears very calm and at home on stage. He plays effortlessly and confidently.


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